Mar 112014

YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn are fast becoming standard tools in newsrooms. But social media merely provides scraps of information; journalism puts it into context. A panel of digital journalists discuss  “How to Discover, Validate and Distill the Best of Social Media for Reporting“: the tools they use to sift through the noise on social media; how to discover and verify fake, non-factual content; contextualize hate speech and potentially defamatory material; and build the right team workflow processes to ensure fair and balanced reporting.


  • Sam DUBBERLEY, Research Fellow, Tow Center for Digital Journalism, Columbia University, New York; Owner, Kishnish Media, Sheffield, United Kingdom
  • Asha PHILLIPS, Asia Editor, Storyful; Asian American Journalists Association (AAJA)-Asia Board Member
  • Maria RESSA, CEO and Executive Director,, Manila, Philippines
  • Moderator: Alan SOON, Managing Editor, Yahoo! Southeast Asia, Singapore

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